The aim of South-East European Network on Formal Methods (SEEFM) is to bring together researchers of South-Eastern European countries who are interested in Formal Methods.


SEEFM intents to:

  • establish a network of scientists in the Balkan area who are active in the field of formal methods,
  • organise a series of workshops on Formal Methods on an annual basis,
  • maintain a www page that contains links and email addresses of people, research groups, projects etc. in SEE as a means to disseminate information and practices,
  • establish discussion groups on areas of Formal Methods,
  • investigate potential links with IT industry in SEE,
  • publish a newsletter posted to SEE members,
  • promote teaching of Formal Methods in SEE higher education institutions.

SEEFM is an informal network for all SEE researchers who can freely join by contacting the SEEFM steering committee chair.

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Fevzi Belli (Turkey, Germany)
  • Prof. Avram Eskenazi (Bulgaria)
  • Prof. Tudor Jebelean (Romania, Austria)
  • Prof. Dimitris Kleftouris (Greece)
  • Prof. Katerina Zdravkova (FYROM)
  • Dr. Eleni Berki (Greece, Finland)
  • Dr. Dimitris Dranidis (Greece)
  • Dr. George Eleftherakis (Greece, SEERC)
  • Dr. Marian Gheorghe (Romania, United Kingdom)


Dr. Dimitris Dranidis

South-East European Network on Formal Methods