Research Groups

Software Engineering Research Group of CITY College

Contact: Dr. Petros Kefalas


The research objective of x-CITY-ng group is to investigate the applicability and effectiveness of formal methods in order to facilitate the development of large-scale, business critical, intelligent correct systems. More specifically, the group focuses its research to extended finite state machine models, such as X-machines, and the way they can associate with agile methodologies, modeling of dynamic communicating systems, verification and model checking as well as complete testing. Finally, the research group is interested in developing tools that will strongly assist the use of the methods and applicability of techniques, which are under investigation.

Verification and Testing Research Group in Sheffield University's Department of Computer Science

Contact: Prof. Michael Holcombe


The verification and testing group in Sheffield University's Department of Computer Science has a strong interest in the theory behind the development of computer software. We have diverse research interests that cover areas such as: Empirical Software Engineering, Theory of Software Development, Theory of Testing, Biological Systems Modelling, Object Orientated Design and Theoretical Computer Science. Through our research we hope to promote the use of good practice in the wider community and the adoption of light formal methods. We also experiment theoretical results in real industrial situations, in some cases under the laboratory conditions offered by the commercial software house - Genesys Solutions ( - that is run by the Department.

University of Paderborn Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Software and Knowledge Engineering

Contact: Prof. Fevzi Belli


South-East European Network on Formal Methods